Looking for a way to get noticed?

Andi helped MC Companies develop a comprehensive marketing campaign, including a new mascot, message and branded gifts.

The Challenge:

MC Companies reached out to for assistance in developing a creative marketing idea to welcome tenants to their new homes and thank them for choosing MC Companies. They wanted the gift to be both personal and memorable.

The Solution:

Together with their design firm, Visage Creative, Andi worked with MC Companies to come up with a comprehensive marketing campaign, including a new company mascot, a new marketing message and a package of branded gifts. Since the program was scheduled to start during February of a leap year, the new company mascot became Mac the Frog, a relevant and charming face for the company’s new campaign. The branded gift package included a lily pad-shaped mousepad, a tumbler, a pen and a notepad, all frog themed.

The Results:

MC Companies appreciated Boundless Network’s forward-thinking ideas, and Mac the Frog is now the star of the company’s marketing efforts.

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