The Power of the T-Shirt

It’s true I have a love affair with promotional products.  But so does the rest of the world – and for good reason.  I was reminded recently about the power of the t-shirt.  You might have read my post “Why even *I* buy logoed merch…” a while back about my trip to Luckenbach, Texas where I discuss the meaning of a souvenir t-shirt.  But, the power I’m talking about today goes beyond even that.  A t-shirt with a logo on it is one of the best team building items I can think of it.  At just a glance you know the wearer is part of something bigger.  And you better believe the person wearing it feels that too.


Let me tell you about a few examples of my experience, both professional and personal:

ice cream
Support for a cause.  Of course we all know political t-shirts are popular – but I love this fun example of a shirt we did in support of one of our client’s customers.  Recently a teenager took on the Scottsdale, AZ City Council’s 20 year ban on ice cream trucks.  She won!  Could it be because of the sea of green shirts in the audience showing support?  Probably not entirely, but I bet it helped!


ShoreTel Race ImageTeam front.  I love these fun running shirts we did for a recent ShoreTel Sky event.  Not only do they feature cool art treatments [check out the wrap on the hip and fun angled logo on the shoulder!] but they are eye catching and fun!  Team shirts at a race, field day or service day show solidarity  – they say “we are all in this together!”  And, if anything, if you get lost in the crowd you are easy to find.






Moral Support.  Recently one of my best friend’s little boy underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant.  While she and her family are far way in Minneapolis, she still knew we were all thinking about her and her son because of our tshirts.  One of her friends had the genius idea [not me!] to make t-shirts.  On Bone Marrow Transplant day we all wore our shirts around the country.  We tweeted, emailed, Facebooked and texted pictures of all the people supporting near and far.  Even though I was in Texas, I felt closer wearing my shirt on July 24. Separated by miles – but united by a t-shirt.  Oh, and lots of love. [Learn more about life-saving marrow donation at]


Other than with t-shirts – how do you recognize and involve people – make them feel included?  Let me know!


Digital Imprint Makes Real Impact!

So much of the digital world is intangible – we are always texting, tweeting, instant messaging [and blogging!] but here is a super cool digital application that you can touch and feel!

We have a new vendor that is doing digital imprinting on ball caps. What makes this so neat is that not only is the minimum just 24 pieces, but you can imprint on the bill as well as the crown. This enables us to get more creative than we have been able to in the past. Also, you can use as many colors as you like so you aren’t limited by your artwork anymore!
Check out a few examples below -and text, email, instant message –or you can do it the old fashioned way and CALL me if you are interested!

A Toast to YOU!

Celebrate your success with hand painted and deep etched wine bottles!

While Happy Hour isn’t usually until Friday, sometimes we just need to celebrate – even on a Tuesday! What better way to do it than with these beautiful wine bottles. A classic and classy collectible, these bottles are deep etched and hand painted works of art. Completely unique, your recipients will treasure these for their quality, vivid color and keepsake value. Done by hand and not able to be found in any store these Made in the USA, etched wine bottles are the perfect gift for celebration of your accomplishments and pride.
Available in chardonnay, cabernet, sparkling wine and non-alcoholic sparkling cider. Don’t have the manpower to deliver these on your own? Want to gift wrap your bottles and send them to your recipient’s homes? Think your bottles would look great in a wooden crate instead of standard packaging? I CAN HELP WITH THAT! My creative team can help you solve even your most challenging gift and marketing needs – and with our fulfillment and delivery capabilities we can be your extra hands when you need them.
Call or email today and let me know how we can help!

Awesome specials from Gemline!

Check out these awesome specials from Gemline!

Built NY fun stuff!

This brand continues to be a favorite!

Under $20 Branded Holiday Gift Ideas!

My rep from Swiss Army just sent me this great flyer – how awesome is it to get a name brand [plus your logo!] holiday gift for under $20?! Happy Holidays – and Happy Shopping!

Keepin’ in Cool with Built NY Summer Savings!

Chill out!

Carry your sodas [or adult beverages] in style with Built NY products. Sure they have super cool baby items, chic lunch bags and ultra hip computer bags – but I love the six pack holders and wine bottle carriers! If you are inclined to the more traditional items, here is a great opportunity to get your hands on some of these very retail feeling items – click on the image here for more information. All prices include your one color imprint.

And…if you want some information on those drink carriers, just let me know!

Make My Day: Clint Eastwood and Tehama Apparel

I’ve been showing this luxury line for a while now – and always see the expression on my client’s faces say: “Clint Eastwood? Really?” Rest assured this beautiful sport shirts and golf wear line doesn’t feature styles that Dirty Harry would wear – but quite the opposite. All of the Tehama pieces feature excellent tailoring, fashion forward styling, and a luxurious hand.

Check out this beat the heat special by clicking on the image here – Tehama is offering free digitizing of your logo on any order of 36 pieces or more. It’s a great opportunity but limited to the end of July – so go ahead, “make my day” and call or email me to learn more!

Custom/Fast: Oxymoron?

The words “custom” and “fast” are rarely used in the same sentence… until now! Many suppliers are offering quick turn times on what used to be a long lead project. In particular, one of our favorite vendors is offering a speedy custom service that is absolutely fantastic. Our clients love Barrington because they offer beautiful leather items for many different price points. We love them because they are nice people, and always deliver exceptional work. Now there’s even more reason for both of us to love them – the QuickCustom Program. On items as little as 100 qty this program delivers custom lining and packaging in just 3 weeks.

In a nutshell:
-pick your product from five classic pieces including money clips, wallets, business card holders, key fobs, book jackets, or pocket jotters
-choose your color of gift box and coordinating printed logo on the gift box cover
-select your custom fabric lining and color

Let’s see how this new program can work for your next event – give me a call to discuss!

What stinks?

Is that your poo poo paper notebook I’m getting a whif of? Nope, it’s not… but you would think it would be since this new product is made entirely from elephant poo! These stylish and eco friendly notebooks and notepads are made from completely odorless elephant poo poo. I can attest to the oderless part as yes, I did personally take a whif for you. As your promotional products professional it is just part of the service I provide!

As the mother of an 18 month old I have often thought about how much waste, per se, there is in this world, and this is a truly unique way to use it!

You can check out the video on how they make the poo poo paper here, and thankfully, smellivision has yet to be invented –> Click here to watch the video.