Awww, shucks!

Often times after I complete a project, I’m left wondering “how did it go?”  More times than I’d like to admit, though, I’m working quickly, running to make a deadline, and then off to the next project.  There’s little time for reflection…

Recently, I did a quick turn job for new client Absolute Software. If you’re not familiar with their Lojack for Laptops service [yes, just like the stolen car program!] you should check them out – they get stolen laptops back!  This particular rush order was a 48 hour turn, but we were able to get these super cool new Buzz Brushes to their event — just in the nick of time.  And now, as I’m already off working on other projects, it was such a nice surprise to receive this glowing email from my client, Michelle Westling:

“The event went great, everyone went crazy over those brushes and were thanking me for them : )  This was the best giveaway item I have ever used!  It drew so much attention to our table, thank you for the quick work to make sure we got them.  And we will definitely order more of those.  I am so grateful for your services : )”

Wow, talk about making my day [okay my week…] Thank you, Michelle!


Learn more about Absolute and their Lojack for Laptops program at

Check out the new product Michelle and her team were raving about, pictured here.  It’s a screen cleaner and keyboard brush all in one.  Love!

Lojack for Laptops Buzz Brushes