… creative promotional campaign

Doctor, heal thyself.

My passion and work is all about promoting my clients. But, in order to build a thriving business, I also need to promote the Ideas by Andi brand!

The Challenge:

As a professional promotional products practitioner, it takes a lot to impress me.  I can create a custom inflatable walking mascot for you.  I’ve got factories that build molds to manufacture your widget from scratch.  Blinky, glowy, noisy items?  Got ’em.  USB anything? C’mon.  I’ve been there, done that.

The Solution:

In thinking about promoting my own business, I realized I need to showcase my creativity and sense of style – while keeping the focus on my clients. Working with my design team, we utilized my logo in fresh, funky and fun ways – utilizing some of my favorite, classic promotional items:

  • Drinkware.  I’m an avid coffee drinker [I’ve been known to call coffee “Creativity in a cup”] so this classic cup with dynamic logo treatment really spoke to me.  Cheers!
  • Journals.  I love journals – and really any other paper product.  They’re incredibly versatile, have full color capability, and afford us lots of real estate to communicate information. Don’t get me wrong.  I love my iPhone, I want a tablet, I can’t live without my computer.  However, my journal never crashes on me, it doesn’t run out of juice or memory.  And, I can use it even when the tray table is supposed to be up.
  • Pens.  Oh, how cliche!  How boring!  Oh really?  Don’t you have about 5 on your desk right now?  Isn’t it always something someone wants to borrow?  Do you have a favorite one that when you can’t find it, it makes you a little uneasy?  ’nuff said.

The Results:

I love bringing my kit of branded products to a client.  It’s so fun to watch their faces as they discover their gift from me!  But, after a moment of Ideas by Andi revelry, it’s back to them. We pour a cup of coffee, crack open those journals, fire up a pen — and focus on the best way to take their brand to market.