… results-driven direct mail piece

In the age of email, twitter, facebook and skype, the direct mail piece [let alone the hand written note!] is a lost art form. While it used to be the norm, direct mail is now the exception to the rule. What does this mean for you? It’s an opportunity to go old-school; but feel absolutely fresh!

The Challenge:

Freescale Semiconductor had just spun off from parent company, Motorola. In the midst of the launch, the Company was also promoting their newly revamp event: Freescale Technology Forum. The company wanted to drive registration for it’s new event, while showcasing it’s new brand.

The Solution:

Freescale worked with Andi to develop a creative direct mail piece. Several thousand custom View Masters were mailed to potential registrants. The View Masters were held in a custom designed and printed box with full color graphics. To make the View Masters modern, the standard slide show was made into beautiful 3-D images enticing the recipient to register and be a part of the amazing event.

The Results:

Registrants and the client alike loved the View Masters, and the event had fantastic turnout. Freescale Technology Forum is now the Company’s main event, and has been expanded across the globe to EMEA and Asia locations.