Toot, toot! [my own horn…]

Wow. I’m speechless. It’s always wonderful to get the occasional “good job!” or “kudos” email… but sometimes clients just go above and beyond. I got this endorsement from awesome client, Steve Glidden of PMB Helin Donovan today – and I just had to share…

“What can I say about Andi and ideasbyandi? Well, in my 25 years in the HR business I’ve ordered hundreds of promotional and advertising items. I have never however, put my complete trust in anyone like I have Andi. On the spur of the moment something comes up, I just send her an email and presto, next thing you know, I have the “best ideas” from the best idea person in the business, Andi. Give Andi a try and you’ll be hooked on her upbeat bubbly personality, her professionalism and her multitude of great suggestions and ideas. Stop wasting time and just let Andi handle it!”

It made me think about something. I’m in the promotions and recognition industry, but sometimes I don’t do a good job of promoting by business or recognizing those that do a great job [and make me look good to clients like PMBHD]. Steve’s email made my day, maybe my weekend. I think I’m going to pay it forward and take a moment to dash off some notes of praise, thanks and encouragement to a few people I owe it to. Is there anyone that you could say “Thank You” today to – and make their weekend as well?